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Beaverton Schools


The History of the Name of our School (by Nick, 5th grade)

Our school was named after a pioneer family that came over the Oregon Trail in 1847. The Findleys first settled in eastern Oregon, then, in 1898, they moved to the Cedar Mill area where they bought 109 acres of land near the corner of Saltzman and Thompson Road. This is the corner where our school stands today.

Five generations of the Findleys have farmed this land, growing strawberries, cherries, peaches, and pears. Our former principal, Dr. Flad grew up in Beaverton and remembers picking strawberries in a field that used to be where the school is right now. The Findley's sold part of their land to the School District in 1975.

The Findleys were always very active in their community and in education. For example, H. Ross Findley was a member of the School Board for 27 years and wrote a book about Cedar Mill history.

Today, many Findleys still live in the Cedar Mill area. The Taylors, who live in the white house next to the school, are descendants of the original Findley family.

We think we are pretty lucky that the Findleys were willing to sell their land so we could build our school.‚Äč