School Handbook

A Primary Years Programme (PYP) School

Findley Elementary School
4155 NW Saltzman Rd.
Portland, OR 97229

Office: 503-356-2100
Attendance: 503-356-2100 Option 1
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Fax: 503-356-2105

School Mascot: Dragon School
Colors: Purple, Teal & Black

Updated 8.19.2019

Findley Elementary School

Safe - Respectful - Responsible



Mission Statement: At Findley Elementary School, our mission is to empower students to reach their full potential through culturally diverse, inquiry-based experiences. As a collaborative community, we respect our students’ differences and embrace their strengths and learning styles. Our goal is to model and foster the development of caring, reflective learners with the capacity to become contributing, globally responsible citizens.

Findley Elementary is an International Baccalaureate World School, offering the Primary Years Programme. To learn more about the Primary Years Programme at Findley, visit Findley’s PYP website at

Findley's PYP Website is dedicated to:

  • providing information to the community about the PYP.
  • giving advice about how to support your child at home.
  • posting evidence of PYP in action in our classrooms.

Arrival - Dismissal - Daily Schedule

Students should not arrive on campus prior to 8:15 AM due to absence of supervision and to ensure safety.


To email staff see the contact us page.

Daily Schedule

8:15 AM Students may arrive at school.
8:30 AM Tardy Bell (report to office after 8:30 AM) Students should be ready to learn at 8:30 am.
3:05 PM Students are dismissed. (Please note, dismissal begins at 3:00)

Grade Level Lunch Times

  • KINDERGARTEN 10:45-11:05                   
  • 1st  11:10-11:30
  • 2nd 11:35-11:55
  • 3rd 12:00-12:20
  • 4th 12:25-12:45
  • 5th 12:50-1:10

Calendar & Newsletters

School Calendar

The school calendar can be found on the school’s website using the link above. Dates are subject to change.



On alternating Fridays, the school newsletter is distributed electronically through school messenger. It is also available on the Findley website under the School tab. The newsletter contains information on coming events and current activities at our school. Paper copies are available by request.

Visitors at School

Relatives or friends who are visiting from another area or school are not allowed to spend the day at school. An adult may bring them to have lunch with a student; however, the adult must also stay for lunch. Visitors are not allowed on the playground. Each visitor must sign in at the office and pick up a visitor’s badge.

Student Contact Information

It is imperative for the school to have accurate and current contact information for each student and their parents/guardians. Please make it a priority to notify the school office any time there is any change of contact information, including home phone, cell phone, work phone, home address, email contacts, and emergency information.


All students are expected to attend school. If your child must be absent, please call the attendance line to let us know. (503-356-2100) option 1. Some excusable reasons for absence include illness, quarantine, bereavement, family illness, inclement weather, religious instruction or emergencies. In the event that a student is absent for ten consecutive days, the student will be dropped from the roll and must be readmitted upon return to school. Please make every effort to schedule your child’s appointments, family vacations, music lessons, etc. around the school day and calendar. Missed instructional time, even in small increments, quickly adds up impacting your child’s overall learning. It is also very important for your child to be on time to school so that they start the day with everyone else.

When is a student/parent in violation according to Oregon State Law? ORS 339.065 (Unexcused absences) …. Eight unexcused one-half day absences in any four-week period during which the school is in session shall be considered irregular attendance. (Excused absences). Not to exceed five days in a term of three months or not to exceed 10 days in any term of at least six months.

Extended Absences

If you anticipate your child will be absent for 10+ consecutive school days, please complete and submit a “Notice of Extended Absence” form to the font office. Forms are located in the front office and on page 25 of this handbook. Teachers are unable to provide homework for students who are absent for extended periods of time, as it is not possible to replicate the missed instructional time. When it is essential for students to miss school for extended periods, they may be asked to read and keep a written journal. 

Health & Medication

Student Health

If a student becomes sick while at school, parents will be called to pick up their student. Parents will be asked to pick up their child when a fever, diarrhea or vomiting is present. Students may return to school after they are fever-free for 24 hours and 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea. Students who are too sick to go outside for recess need to be at home.


Schools are not allowed to give students any medicine unless parents have filled out a form with the doctor’s instructions. This includes eye drops, medicated lotions, and throat lozenges. Parents must bring medication to school in the original container and fill out a waiver in order for students to take medicine at school.

After School Plans

At the beginning of the school year parents must notify their child’s teacher of routine end of the school day plans for their student. Any time there are changes from the normal after school routine, notification from the parent is required. Please write a note with the date, the change of plans, and a parent signature. Students must be sure to bring the note to the office to be signed and logged in by one of our secretaries.


PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE: The "upper" parking lot adjacent to Saltzman Road is CLOSED TO ALL PRIVATE VEHICLES when the buses are dropping off or picking up students 7 (7:50-8:40 am; 2:50-3:20 pm). Please observe this important safety precaution as you do for school buses on our city/county streets.

We would like all students to ride the bus or walk to school if possible. We do not have enough parking or curb space to have everyone come to school in a car with their parents. The buses are well scheduled and will have students arrive at the right time to start school. It is important to know that riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students not following expectations for safe, respectful and responsible bus riding behavior can expect consequences ranging from an assigned seat, temporary exclusion to permanent exclusion. Bus rules are designed for student safety.

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Use kinds words and appropriate language.
  • Sit “seat to seat, back to back” with backpack in your lap.
  • Use appropriate voice level. o Sit in one seat during the whole ride.
  • Keep bus clean (pick up your papers).
  • Eating is prohibited on the bus.
  • Breakables, animals and things that spill are not allowed.
  • Hands, feet, head and materials are kept inside the bus.
  • Leave the windows as you find them.
  • Follow the driver’s directions and instructions.

Students must stay at their assigned bus stop. Any questions or concerns about bus stops or change of bus stops should be brought to BSD Transportation.

Students riding the bus who need to get off at a stop different from their scheduled stop or friends riding home on a bus must have a note signed by their parents saying it is okay to go to another student’s house after school. The note must also be signed by the office and then given to the bus driver. Parents and teachers must always have communication about students’ after school plans.

Walking to School

Students who live in a neighborhood with no school bus service are considered to be in designated walking areas. Only students in designated walking areas may walk to school. If your house is in a bus area, you may not walk or ride your bike to school (or home) without an adult. This district policy is for the safety of all students.

Before and after school there will be school personnel placed as Crossing Guards at the crosswalks near the school to make sure students get across the streets safely. Crossing Guards enter the intersection first with their flags. Once in the crosswalk they will signal to students that it is safe to cross the street. 

Please do not cross Thompson road at Tustin Ranch Dr. this is not a safe crossing point.  Please proceed to the corner of Thompson and Saltzman where the crossing guards and cross walks are located.

Safety is the primary concern of our Crossing Guards. Students who do not comply with the rules will be referred to school administration.

Drop Off/Pick Up – Use Lower Parking Lot Only

Parents who drop off and/or pick up students must use the lower parking lot whose entrance is located on Thompson Road. (The upper parking lot is reserved for buses only from 7:50-8:40 am and 2:50-3:20 pm.)

Parking lot pickup / drop off instructions.


● Parents must stay in their vehicle at all times unless parked in a designated parking spot.
● Children must exit or enter their vehicles from the passenger side (staff will be available to help students).
● Parents should always stay in the right lane next to the concrete walk areas when students are getting in or out of the vehicle, and only use the pull out lane when their children have departed or arrived.
● Parents should pull forward as much as possible so more students can depart or be picked up.
● Do not pass other vehicles in the parking lot.
● Do not park in the gravel shoulder area next to the road that enters the parking lot.

Neighborhood Courtesy

We strongly encourage parents who pick-up and/or drop-off their children in the lower parking lot to be considerate of their neighbors. Please do not make illegal U-turns or use driveways to turn around particularly on Tustin Ranch Drive. This creates congestion as well as a safety hazard for those students who walk to school. We also encourage families to use our designated pick-up/drop-off procedures in the school parking lot rather than parking and waiting for their children in Findley's surrounding neighborhoods particularly Bauer Creek Estates and Remington.

Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, Roller Blades

Skateboards are not allowed on the school grounds by district policy. Please leave them at home. Students may ride their bicycles to the school grounds. Once on the school grounds, bicycles must be walked directly to the bike racks and locked securely. We strongly discourage students from bringing roller blades or scooters to school because they must be locked to the bike racks and cannot be stored in the school building (office or classrooms) due to space limitations. Shoes with skates in the shoe (e.g. Heelys) are not allowed. All students riding bikes, scooters or using roller blades must wear a helmet.

SchoolMessenger | BSD's Mass Notification System

SchoolMessenger is a mass notification system that is used by the Beaverton School District to communicate general, attendance notifications, and emergency broadcasts to parents, guardians, students and staff. Recipients can customize their communication preferences by signing up for an account through the InfoCenter.  Once at the InfoCenter, you can give us your permission to call you and manage your preferences. To create an account, click “Sign Up” on the top right menu. To sign up, you must have an email address on file with the District.  Consent only needs to be given once per parent/guardian. 

Emergency Procedures

Creating a safer school climate for our students is a priority. A critical ingredient in creating a safer school environment is classroom response to an incident at school. Weather events, fire, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by students, teachers, staff and administration, in partnership with our first responders. The Beaverton School District in collaboration with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO), Beaverton Police (BPD) and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVFR) has implemented the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

The SRP is not based on one individual possible scenario but on the response to any given scenario.  One large benefit of the SRP is the standard language used by all responders; this includes students, parents, staff and first responders. The protocol also allows for a predictable series of actions as an event unfolds. The SRP is based upon four actions: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter. Each has specific staff and student directives that are unique to the action.





Standard Reunification Method

Events may occur at school that requires parents to pick up their students in a controlled release. The process of controlled release is called a reunification and may be necessary due to weather, a power outage, a hazmat issue, or if a crisis occurs at the school.

The Beaverton School District in collaboration with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO), Beaverton Police (BPD), Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R), and other community partners have implemented the Standard Reunification Method, based on protocols established by the I Love U Guys Foundation.

Student/Parent Reunification is a protocol that makes this process more predictable and less chaotic for all involved. Because a controlled release is not a typical end of school day event, a reunification may occur at a different location than the school a student attends. If this location is another school, then those students may be subject to a controlled release as well.

Parents may be notified in a number of ways. The school or district may use its broadcast phone or text message system. In some cases, students may be asked to send a text message to their parents. A reunification text message from a student may look something like this: “The school has closed, please pick me up at 3:25 at the main entrance. Bring your ID”.

School Closures (Inclement Weather, etc.) & Snow Bus Routes

Beaverton schools including Findley may close due to inclement weather, power outages or for other reasons. Listen to your local news stations for updates. Visit the BSD Inclement Weather Guidelines, updates, and Findley bus snow routes and general procedures. Parents may change or set their contact preferences for emergency alerts and other mass notification broadcasts through SchoolMessenger.

Mandatory Volunteer Background Check

Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer at Findley.  No experience is required, just a willingness to help and a desire to do what is best for students.  Thanks in advance for your willingness to donate your time!

All volunteers are required to complete a background check and application. This background check is required even for volunteers helping out with activities such as chaperoning a field trip, helping out with a class party, and after school events, etc. All Beaverton schools use an online system called Better Impact, also known as mVP (myvolunteer If you are a parent or guardian of a child at Findley, you need to complete the Parent/Guardian Volunteer Background Check and Application. If you do not have a child enrolled at the school, you will be asked to complete the Community Volunteer Background Check and Application.  For more information on the process, please visit BSD's Volunteerism & Community Engagement Opportunities page. 

Field Trips

Students must fill out a school-issued permission form to attend a field trip with the class. Students will not be permitted to attend the field trip if they do not have this form signed and completed. All students must ride on the bus to and from the field trip location.

All field trip chaperones MUST be background checked and have their ID badge.  The background check process can take 2-3 weeks so please plan accordingly.

Siblings may NOT attend field trips and are not allowed on the bus.

Parent Teacher Conferences

It is at the discretion of the school district each year to set aside designated dates for parents and teachers to meet and discuss the development, social, and academic progress of each student. It is acceptable for parents to request a meeting with a teacher. An appointment can be made using email, phone call, or note. Please make an appointment if you wish to meet with your child's teacher. It is not appropriate to approach your child's teacher during your volunteer time, at the start of the school day, or at a group event, such as a program or party, to inquire about his/her school progress.

Report Cards

Each student will receive a progress report twice during the school year, January 31st  and June 16th. At the end of each semester your child's teachers will complete a report detailing information about academic achievement, social growth, and development of work habits. The Beaverton School District’s School Board, teachers and administrators are committed to the core ideas of a standards-based learning system through:

  • Clear learning targets in all content areas at each grade level
  • All classroom instruction and assessments aligned to grade level learning targets
  • Providing multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate growth and learning
  • Increased use of informative assessment practices; providing feedback focused on student growth and supporting improved instruction
  • Consistent scoring guides (rubrics) to determine a student’s level of learning and indicate what a student must do to improve
  • Regular reporting of progress on each learning target
  • Reporting academics and behaviors separately
  • Placing the highest value on teacher judgment and expertise

Cafeteria Behaviors / Lunch guests

We have the following expectations for safe, respectful and responsible behavior in the lunchroom to help children have a fun and pleasant lunchtime:

  • Always walk in the cafeteria.
  • Ask permission from staff to get out of your seat.
  • Use appropriate table manners.
  • Students are to only consume only food that they bought or brought.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself. o Talk using a soft voice.
  • Pick up fallen trash/food so you leave your table area clean.

Lunch Guests

Sometimes family members want to join a student for lunch in the cafeteria. Any guest may purchase a hot lunch from our cafeteria. Guests are asked not bring candy or treats for other students. Note the time of your student’s grade level lunch so family can arrive at the correct time. Each visitor much sign in at the office and pick up a visitor’s badge. They are to meet the student at the cafeteria, not the classroom. Guests are not allowed on the playground. It is appropriate to come have lunch with your child occasionally (3-4 times per year), but not more than that.

Supporting Students’ Success

At Findley, we will challenge and empower students to be safe, respectful and responsible and to be lifelong learners. We believe that a positive, preventative, predictable and effective school environment: 

  • provides opportunities for all students to develop and learn social, emotional and behavioral competencies. 
  • allows educators to develop positive, predictable and safe environments that promote strong interpersonal relationships with students through teaching, modeling and encouragement
  • is healthier and more caring
  • enhances academic engagement, learning and teaching outcomes
  • can provide a continuum of behavior support for all students

Our entire learning community has responsibilities for creating a safe, respectful and responsible environment. 

Please refer to the Beaverton School District Student & Family Handbook for more details on student discipline through the link below. It can also be accessed by visiting our school website under the Parents and Students tab.

BSD Student & Family Handbook

Late Lunch Drop Off / Meal Etiquette

When dropping off forgotten lunch box for your child, please leave the lunch box in the office. Your child will pick up his or her lunch in the office on the way into the cafeteria. Please check lunch times to ensure the lunch is available prior to the start of the assigned lunch period.

Please talk to your student about the process and that they should come to the office to pick up a lunch that you bring to them.  This will allow us to not interrupt the classroom to let them know it has arrived.

Meal Etiquette

In order to maintain a healthy, sanitary eating environment and comply with health department regulations, students are expected to wash their hands before eating and are not allowed to "share" any portion of their meals (cold or hot lunch). Students are also expected to clean up after themselves, return trays to the proper location, recycle appropriate items, dispose of garbage in the waste can and wait to be dismissed by staff.

Meals and Nutrition

Nutritious breakfasts and lunches are available for all students to purchase each day. In addition, milk is sold separately from the complete meal. Water is also available.

Meal Times: Breakfast is served daily starting at 8:10am.
Lunch is served between 10:45am and 12:50pm.

Menu: Breakfast and Lunch Menus are posted on the Nutrition Services Website.

Meal Prices and Payment Options: (2018-2019 prices):

Student Full Pay


  • Breakfast: $1.45
  • Lunch: $3.05
  • Extra Milk: $0.50
Reduced Pay
  • Breakfast: Free
  • Lunch: Free
  • Breakfast: $2.00
  • Lunch: $4.50

Additional information can be found on the Nutrition Services Page.

Free and Reduced Price Meal Benefits

If a family is experiencing financial need, parents may complete one application for free or reduced price meals for all students in their family. Meal benefits applications and instructions are available in each student's "back to school" packet, school office, cafeteria, or from the Nutrition Services Meal Benefits office. The application process and each student's meal benefit status is completely confidential. Families may apply for meal benefits at any time throughout the school year, even up to the last day of school. However, a new application is required for each school year. For more information please call: Nutrition Services Meal Benefits Office 503-356-3957 or ELL Welcome Center 503-356-3755.

Student Meal Accounts

Each student is assigned their own individual meal account which they can access using a Personal Identification Number, (PIN). The meal account is a debit account, so students who purchase full and reduced price meals must deposit money into their accounts before they can purchase meals. Parents may send cash or a check made out to "Findley Cafeteria". When making a payment, please indicate your student's first and last name along with his/her PIN on the memo line of the check or insert cash in an envelope (write your child's first and last name and PIN on the outside). There are two locked drop boxes at school. One is located at the top of the staircase leading to the cafeteria and the other is located outside the cafeteria entrance. Parents may also choose to deposit money online or by Toll Free Number.

Making payments online at the SchoolCafé website. SchoolCafé is an on-line payment system that is linked to your student's cafeteria. Parents can register for a free SchoolCafe account on the SchoolCafe website. You will need to have your student's 6-digit district ID to do so, which you can get by contacting the school. Payments made are usually credited to a student's account within 2 hours, but may take up to 24 hours, so it's best to make payments at least one day in advance.

More information is available on the Nutrition Services website: or by calling (503) 356-3955.

1. Balance Notification Methods:

  • Parents/Students can inquire directly with the cafeteria staff about their account balances.   
  • Parents/Guardian/ Students can see their students balance, create alerts as well as auto pay by signing up for a free School Café account. Please visit:

2. Negative Balance Notification Methods:

  • After each negative balance charge, the parent or guardian may choose to be notified about the negative balance and the need to bring payment for future meal service via automated phone or e-mail message through the district’s "School Messenger" system. For this alert service to start please sign up through our SchoolMessenger page.
  • Via Phone call from NS department. NS will make at least two attempts to contact the student’s parent or guardian to have the parent or guardian fill out a meal benefits application. This will help to determine if the student is eligible for free or reduced price meals. In addition, the NS department may contact parents or guardians about payment options. When your student graduates to the next level or transfers to another school within the BSD, the Nutrition Services account balance will transfer with him or her.

Chewing Gum

No gum is allowed at school at any time. It is difficult to clean gum off our desks, chairs, and floors, as well as other furniture and materials.

Playground Rules

Expectations for safe, respectful and responsible behavior while on the playground are taught to students each year to ensure that they have a safe and fun time outside at recess. During the first week of school students are taught lessons on playground safety and behavior expectations and discuss these in class. Here are some important basic recess expectations:


  • Students are expected to run safely at recess. This involves looking where they are going and remaining under control.
  • For safety reasons games of chase and tag are not allowed.
  • On severe rainy days, students must stay under the covered area running is not permitted under these conditions.
  • Kickball may be played when the field is open and with adult supervision.
  • Bark chips, rocks, sticks or other objects MUST remain on the ground.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected of all students.
  • Every student that wants to play in a game is allowed to play—no one should be excluded.
  • In games that involve a judge, the judge's decision is final. This keeps the game moving and people playing

Play Structure/Swings

  • The play structure is closed to student play when wet and slippery.
  • Students are expected to ONLY ride the slide, corkscrew or pole from the top down.
  • Only one person per swing. Riders must swing in a straight line.
  • Students are expected to ask an adult for a "push" on the swing.
  • Students are to remain in the swing until it stops swinging.
  • Students are expected to walk while playing on the play structure.
  • Students are expected to keep three points of contact while climbing on the play structure. (two feet, one hand, etc.)


  • Jump ropes and hula hoops are to be used for their intended purposes only.
  • Students should put equipment (balls, ropes, etc.) back on the equipment cart if they are using them when the bell rings to end recess.

Lining Up at the End of Recess

  • When the bell rings ending recess students are expected to stop play, put equipment away and WALK to their classroom line immediately.
  • Students are expected to line up facing forward, hands and feet to self and using quiet voices until picked up by their teacher, or dismissed back to class

School Clothes and Shoes / Lost & Found

APPROPRIATE is the key word for school clothes. Hats may be worn outside and not in the school building. Please save halter-tops, running shorts, short-shorts and crop shirts for home. These clothes are not appropriate to wear to school. Tops with straps need to be “lasagna” not "spaghetti" size. Also, if the clothing is too thin and see-through, students will be asked to wear another shirt over the top. We always have extra clothes from the "Lost and Found" we can lend students.

Tennis or rubber soled shoes that lace-up are the best for elementary students. Flip-flops, platforms, backless or slick-soled shoes should not be worn because they are not safe on stairs, on the gym floor or out at recess. Shoes with skates in the shoe (e.g. Heelys) are prohibited. Students will need to dress accordingly (comfortable clothes, appropriate shoes) on their PE days.

Lost and Found


If you have recently lost a clothing item, look on the hooks by the entrance closest to the playground then check our Lost and Found which is located near the elevator on the first floor. Check in the office for smaller items such as watches, glasses, etc. If no one claims the clothes, they are sent to the district Clothes Closet at the end of each trimester for donation.

Lost and found is donated to the Beaverton Clothes Closet 2 times a year.  Just before/after Winter Break and again the last day of school.

Toys, Pets & Valuables / Telephones / Technology

Students are asked to make phone calls home only when it is an emergency. Calling home to go to a friend’s house is not considered an emergency. Cell phones are not to be kept by students at school. These are considered “valuables’ and need to be left at home. Parents and volunteers are expected to turn off their cell phones before they come into the classroom.


Please refer to the Information and Technology page on the Beaverton School District website for more information on policies guidelines related to student use of technology. The policies and resources are designed to protect students. On this page, you can also find Internet Safety Resources, including suggestions for age-appropriate Internet use. Use of technology and the Internet is supervised during the school day. Students not following the district’s policies risk losing their technology privileges. Please refer to Technology Misuse (Code 25) in the 2018.19 Student and Family Handbook and BSD Board Policies on Electronic Communications (IIBGA, IIBGA-AR) and Personal Communication Devices and Social Media (JFCEB) for more information.

Students may bring personal devices from home, such as iPads, tablets, and laptops, for educational purposes and with the proper authorization from school and parents.

The Parent Authorization for Personal Device Use is located on page 24 of this handbook.

Parties / Balloons

Each classroom will have three school parties over the course of the school year. Parents will be informed of plans and notified prior to each party. There is no school time allotted to birthday parties, going away parties, or bringing special treats 15 celebrating individual student events. Parents and students may not distribute party invitations (even to the whole class) during school hours. Siblings are NOT allowed in the classroom during class parties and parents will be turned away if necessary. This is for safety and insurance reasons.


Balloons of any kind are not allowed at any school in the Beaverton School District.


One of the essential elements of PYP is to inspire students to take action as a result of their learning. Students learn how they can take action through aid, activism, and awareness. Each year, fundraising at Findley is determined through collaboration between the school and PTO. Findley is unable to authorize the raising of funds by individual or small groups of students, in an effort to limit the number of fundraising activities within a year and prevent conflict with the greater fundraising efforts of the school as a whole.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)


Findley Behavior Expectations by Area


  • Walk in library
  • Push in chairs
  • Return to class if there is no adult in the library Voices off
  • Silent voices in the upstairs hallway
  • Use please and thank you
  • Care for all materials at home and school Put books away


  • Open the door carefully
  • Sit quietly while waiting
  • Wait your turn
  • Remember that the office is a place of business Be courteous - use please and thank you
  • Use appropriate voice
  • Listen to the office staff
  • Walk to and from office quickly and quietly


  • Keep to the right as you walk down the hall Keep hands and feet to self
  • Look ahead as you walk
  • Use handrails appropriately
  • Keep both feet on carpet at all times Respect hall displays and belongings Voices off
  • Walk with quiet feet
  • Walk directly to your destination


  • Stay to the right
  • Walk up or down one step at a time. Use handrail appropriately
  • Keep up with the class
  • Voices off
  • Hands to yourself
  • Quiet feet


  • Use the pod as determined by pod agreements
  • Follow pod behavior expectations
  • Follow pod behavior expectations

School Main Entrance

  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Wait to be dismissed
  • Be courteous -Leave a path for adults to travel through the crowd Walk when the bell rings
  • Listen to adults
  • Use appropriate voice
  • Keep track of belongings
  • Wait patiently


  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Stay in your own space
  • Use the proper procedure to enter/exit assembly
  • Be an attentive listener
  • Show appreciation by clapping
  • Sit on your bottom only
  • Enter/exit quietly
  • Use the restroom and get drinks before or after an assembly – remain at the assembly Participate in activities
  • Sit where you can be successful


  • Wash hands with soap and water Keep water/soap in sink
  • Keep feet on floor only
  • Use sink to wash hands
  • Walk in bathroom
  • Respect the privacy of other
  • Use an indoor voice
  • Flush toilets
  • Throw paper towels in the trash can Report problems
  • Leave no trace that you were there Return to room promptly
  • Use only what you need


  • Stay seated while eating Walk at all times
  • Hands and feet to self
  • Pick up fallen trash/food
  • Report spills
  • Use good manners
  • Use an indoor voice
  • Listen to all staff members
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Pick up trash on table and floor
  • Make healthy food choices


  • Walk to pick up area or home
  • Hands, feet and backpacks to yourself
  • Keep all belongings in backpack
  • Remain in assigned area
  • Follow adult directions
  • Students allowed in parking lot only with an adult
  • Use please and thank you
  • Wait your turn in line for the bus or pick-up
  • Follow the directions of adults on duty
  • Memorize your dismissal plan
  • Have everything in your backpack before leaving
  • Have a written note if your dismissal plans change
  • Report dismissal changes to the office


  • Use appropriate voice level
  • Sit with your back to the seat and feet on the floor
  • Keep your backpack on your lap
  • Keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the bus and out of the isle
  • Keep all items in your backpack
  • Keep hands, feet, and backpack to yourself
  • Use appropriate voice level
  • Wait patiently for others
  • Wait quietly and calmly to enter and exit bus
  • Follow the bus driver’s directions
  • Be prepared to get off at your stop
  • Keep the bus neat and tidy
  • Follow the bus drivers instructions

Emergency​ ​Situations

  • Walk with hands to self
  • Listen carefully to teacher
  • Keep body turned away from building
  • Voices off
  • Wait for signal to return to building
  • Voices off
  • Stay in your own space
  • Treat each drill as if it were real
  • Remain with the nearest adult


  • Keep school computer and device settings as they are set
  • Use computers and devices for learning
  • Follow personal device use agreement
  • Practice safe and responsible use of information and technology
  • Protect private information
  • Always log off when finished
  • Only use computers or devices with permission
  • Treat equipment with care
  • Follow copyright, license and fair use laws
  • Log off if the last person forgot
  • Use SMART tips when communicating electronically

Friendship Rules

Who do I play with at recess?

At recess every classmate is welcome to play with others. Students can choose to play with different people each recess. Students should include new or shy classmates and those who may be different from themselves. At recess it is OK to make a choice to play alone.

How do I play with others?

Playmates take turns deciding what to play or do. Children are expected to use kind and respectful language toward others. We do not talk about others behind their backs.

What do I do when someone's feelings get hurt?

An apology is one way to repair a friendship when we hurt another classmate's feelings.




What is a bully?​ ​A bully is someone who uses power to hurt another person repeatedly. They may physically hurt someone by tripping or pinching them or they may use words to tease their victims.

What can I do if I think I am being bullied?



Ask an adult or a friend to help you if you feel threatened or if the strategies you use aren't working.


Look the bully in the eye and tell him or her that you "don't like that."


Sometimes humor can de-escalate a situation if the joke is about what the bully said, not about the bully.
"It ​IS​ a funny haircut, isn't it?"


Walk away or avoid places where you might be alone with a bully. Join other friends if a bully approaches.


Think positive thoughts about yourself and your accomplishments if a bully starts teasing you.


Agree with the bully and walk away. "Okay, thanks for the information."

What should I do if I see someone being bullied? ​Go and stand by the victim to give your support, invite the victim to play with you, take a stand ("Don't make fun of her clothes!") unless it is a dangerous bullying situation or get help from an adult. REMEMBER​, this is not tattling if you are trying to keep someone safe.

Bring Your Own Devise

Findley Elementary
Beaverton School District
Parent Authorization for Personal Device Use During School Hours

Students may bring in their Kindle, iPad, iTouch, etc. for use at school, under the direction of the classroom teacher. Students are ​not required​ to bring in devices and will have equal access to classroom and school iPads, laptops, and computers as needed. Prior to bringing a device on campus, students must receive permission from their parent(s) and submit a signed form under the following terms:

1. ​Students must take home the device home each night​. It should not be left at school overnight.

2. ​It must be charged at home​. Power cords are not permissible for charging at school.

3. ​Students must have knowledge of how to operate the device​. While the classroom teacher can troubleshoot at times, the teacher is unable to teach students in regards to general use of the device.

4. ​Findley will not be held responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items​. We will take reasonable precautions, ie, storing in desks or backpacks and out of sight, no students allowed in the classroom without teacher supervision, etc..., however, your child is responsible for safely transporting the device to and from school.

With your child, please review the BSD guidelines and policies for use of computers, Internet and other electronic systems prior to submitting this form.

Information can be found on the District website, as well as under on the Findley website under School and Digital Citizenship.

___​Yes, I give my child permission to bring his or her personal device under the terms outlined above and in accordance with all BSD policies and guidelines.

___________________________________                           _________________________________
Student’s Name/Classroom Teacher                                            Student's Signature

___________________________________                           __________________________________
Parent’s Signature                                                                         Date

Notice of Extended Absence

Notice of Extended Absence (10+ Consecutive School Days Missed)


Note:​ In accordance with Oregon State Law, students who are absent for 10 consecutive days must be withdrawn from the school’s enrollment. Notifying the school of such an absence, allows for better planning for your child to return to his/her current class placement. Pursuant to Oregon Revised Statute 339.065, a student’s absence may be excused because of personal sickness, sickness of an immediate family member, or for an emergency, such as a funeral. A principal or teacher may also excuse absences for other reasons where satisfactory arrangements are made in advance of the absence.

To be completed before absence:

Student: __________________________________ Teacher: ______________________________

Email Address: _____________________________ Phone Number: ________________________

Planned dates of absence: From: _________ To: ________ Total school days missed: ____________

Reason for absence: ___________________________________________________________________

Do you plan to enroll your child in another school during this absence? Yes _____ No _____

Classroom teachers are unable to provide homework for students who are absent for extended periods of time, as it is not possible to replicate the missed instructional time. When it is essential for a student to miss school for an extended period, he/she may be asked to keep a reading log and written journal.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________ Date: ___________________

Notification sent to classroom teacher, specialists and counselor. _____ Date: ___________________
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be completed when student returns:

Actual dates of absence: From: _________ To: ________ Total school days missed: ____________

Did you enroll your child in another school during his/her absence? Yes _____ No _____

If yes, what is the name and location of the school? ________________________________________

Principal Initial: _____                                                                                             Form placed in student’s file: _____