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Knight Battle of the Books

                   Hear ye! Hear ye!


   Calling all valiant readers who seek a literary quest.



Battle of Books for the 2023-2024 school year.

                              Hello Findley Dragons

We are well  into our OBOB season, registration is open from now through November 12th. Your students should be organizing teams with their classmates. Eligible players are any Findley student in grades 3rd-5th, currently enrolled as in person learning. Your student may be on a team with any grade level friend, the team does not have to all be in the same class, just the same grade. If your student is having trouble organizing a team, ask them to come speak with me, Mrs. Vennes. I will not assign them to a team, but I will ask around along with them and see if we can arrange a team. 

Registration can be done by the parents on this website, or the students can come talk to me and I am happy to register their team for them. If you register a team, please make sure each member has registered and that everyone is using the exact same team name. For example The Findley Dragons or Findley Dragons. 

Battles will begin late January.Teams will first battle other teams from their grade level, and then during  the elimination rounds, battles will take place with different grade levels. 

This year the OBOB Association is planning on both Regional and State competitions. Dates to be determined at a later time.

So put together your team, think of a medieval themed name (we are the Findley dragons and OBOB Knights) and READ READ READ!!!

All 16 OBOB books are available in our library, through the Washington County Libraries, and on Sora.