Before / After School Activities

Join Findley students learning how to ride a Unicycle, play the Xylophone or sing in the Choir.

Students meet 1-2 days a week to learn their skills and prepare for performances.  Click on the pane below to get more information about the activity you want to participate in.

Want to pay for your activity online?  Please follow these simple instructions:

Choose Families from Purple menu above > Parent Apps & Resources > Online Payment System / Login

  • Choose correct child
  • Choose School Items
  • Choose grade activities for Field Trips / Clubs or Music Class
  • Click to Buy to pay for the event.

If you believe you may have paid, please do the following after logging into the Payment System.

  • A.  choose the child
  • B.  Reports
  • C.  Purchase History

Payment may be made by credit or debit card right from home!

Findley Special Activities